kill a prince for your family.

—meg gandy

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My latest Kickstarter, The Sleep of Reason, is being fulfilled this week.

Don’t expect too much from me for a while.

that last photo is from my story in it!

(via shatterlands)

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she’s a carrion witch—she gains your experiences and wisdom when her crows peck out your eyes. as a rule, carrion witches stick to the freshly dead, but they wear things over their own eyes to guard against rival carrion witches who might be a touch over-eager.

meg gandy

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and it totally did. i did chapter 2 of volume 3 (though not in this style, this was play). you should go find it and read it.

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these are from my chapter (the second chapter) of book 3 of josh tierney’s Spera. it’s a goddamn beautiful series that i am honored to get to be part of.

you can download my chapter off comixology over here.

or, read a variety of gorgeous short stories.

or, check out the spera webcomic.

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nyssen, god of spoilers, sweetie. quick paint job to replace the 2 year old ID on deviantart.

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this was the commission requested by the biggest backer for the kickstarter. the harihara is usually shown as being very distinct halves, but for personal reasons it was desired that the harihara be a more harmonious whole in this depiction.

and because i’m a little silly, i made a point of making this piece both the last thing i worked on in 2012, and the first thing of 2013. it took two days solid.

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